Can you tell the genre of a song by it's name?

Most people have strong opinions about their favorite or least favorite musical genre or even about genres in general. One way or another, music is something many people strongly identify with. But how different are musical genres actually in terms of language? How well are people able to distinguish between these differences? Let's find out!

On the following pages, you will be presented a title of a song and five genres and you select the one you think that title belongs to. There will be a total of 20 songs. Afterwards you will get your results: on how many have you been correct, on which ones and what genre does it actually belong to?

No data other than your responses and a unique number will be stored. In no way will it be possible to identify you at any point during or after the session. You're participation is completely voluntary.

Only if you want to you can enter a nickname in the field below so you can brag about your exceptional knowledge and precision - should you make it into the leaderboard.

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What's the genre of


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